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From classes with Tete and Silvia: every dancer should know a few phrases Tete likes to repeat. He always said ‘sin pensamiento’ – ‘without thinking!’, ‘You are thinking’ he’d observe: ‘Don’t think!’ ‘Piensas! No piensa!’ – he was always right. We were thinking, rather than… rather than dancing, I guess.

Tango is really a spiritual path, but ‘sin pensamiento’ might actually be a great accomplishment, in dancing as in meditation. Following the music through time and space, without thinking. The mind can give up words for a while, and trust us that is real tango

Tango Lessons

Tango Lessons

Some things to know as an Argentine Tango beginner:
It’s not necessary to have a regular partner.
It’s not necessary to wear high heels or dress up.
It’s not necessary to have a good “sense for rhythm”. Tango is open to each dancer’s own musical interpretation and you are allowed to dance very, very slowly.
It’s not necessary to be young, skinny, in good shape, and beautiful.
But tango is not for everyone. It’s not a dance that you can just show up and do occasionally, “for fun”. It’s a serious hobby, more like rock climbing than like salsa. When you are an Argentine Tango beginner, it’s very hard, then it becomes interesting and exciting. It takes some patience and commitment before you can start to appreciate where that hard work is going.