Gürkan Doğan and Yulia Selezneva
Turkey, Istanbul / Russia, Moscow

Professional tango dancers. Most of our workshops you can attend in Istanbul. In addition we are traveling​ all over the world and taking part in major tango festivals and marathons where we teach and performe.
Our vast dance experience consists of performing, competing, choreographing and educating dancers and professionals all over the world.
We found our inspiration with Andres Laza Moreno & Luciana Arregui, Javier Rodriguez, JORGE DISPARI & MARITA, Gabriel Missé y Maru Rifourcat. That’s our main teachers and inspirers.,

What is tango for us?
The meaning of ‘tango’ in Latin means ‘I touch.” I touch my partner in embrace. I touch him with my fingers, with my cheek in close embrace, with my chest, with my heart.
Great Carlos Gavito said: “Tango is about feeling and sensitivity, otherwise you are just doing gymnastics. You can do all the steps but it has to have the feeling and sensitivity of authentic tango”. For us this is the description, this is the essence, that’s why exactly all people can dance tango, young, adults, not Argentinian, women and men, everybody can feel. So it means everybody can dance tango.